Artist // Designer // Educator // Digerati

A human visual auteur projected as a digital persona behind the pixelated smoke and mirrors. Mired in data abstraction, iconic encapsulation, aesthetic messaging, critical modularity, bent with artisitic polymorphism, all awash in profound Proteus Effective inheritance.



Visual Arts: works, which are primarily visual in nature, and use anything from traditional media, photography, video processing, computer image processing and computer generated art.

Education and development of visual arts are both primary long term goals for my professional vision.

Graphic Design: foci on visual communication, visualizations from data mining, and both traditional media and digital presentation design. A combination of words, symbols, sounds, and imagery create my visual synthesis and digital representation of ideas and messages.

Freelance Design has always also been a part of my professional vision. It also expands into Technical Consultation and Digital Workflow Management.

New Media: exploration of 'on-demand' access to any multimedia content at any time, anywhere, on any willing device. I act as both educator and pupil. I am a willing participant within interactive user feedback, creative participation, Flash Mob activities, and community formation fostered by social media and new Net.Art structures.

By participating in Social Media, I have become immersed in the ways New Media allows for new experiences and exploration, while furthering research into exciting new cultural visual aesthetics.

Organizations and Affiliations

  • CAA
  • SGCI
  • AIGA
  • CompTIA A+
  • UT Game Development Initative
  • Slugfest Printmaking Workshop
  • League of Crafty Projectionists
  • Death and Astronaunts
  • League Of Crafty Animators


Other Interests and Pursuits

A/V Art Installation, Audio and Visual Design, Video and Graphic Post-production, Digital Rendering Workflow creation, and Projection Engineering.

The League of Crafty Projectionists

League Of Crafty Animators

Death And Astronauts Collective

Musician: Upright and Electric Bass, Electric Guitar

Guitar Luthier: NAD (Neal's Actual Designs)

Motorcycles and totally un-affordable sports cars.

Trained Sommelier // Amatuer Beer Brewing

My favorite color is carbon fiber.


My skills are primarly in computer graphic art software. I approach this discipline as artist, scientist, engineer, and educator. These are the tools and tricks of my trade.

I am a fool to grade myself. Any good educator should be able to apply a rubric to their craft. Educator, grade thyself!

Photoshop (Zen+ Level)
Educator / Digital Consultant
Director Level Management
Adobe Certified Expert(ise)
Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
CompTIA A+ Certification (PC - MAC)
Video Pre/Post Production
Motion Graphics and Animation
MAX MSP / Kinect Programming
MCSE Certificate Training
CCNA Certificate Training
Digital Printmaking and Process
Photo and Traditional Lithography
Non-Silver Photographic Processes


The other hobbies and skills that I haver acquired that one might consider 'interesting' or 'oblique.' I hope you find them insightful and full of the essence that defines...Neal.

Computer Gaming
Motorcycling (Cafe Racing)
Guitar Noodlin'
G.A.S. Gear Acquisition Syndrome
Beer Brewin'
Guitar Electronics and Pick-Ups
Lutherie Skills
Musician: Bass and Guitar
A/V Installations and Digital Projections



The University of Texas at Austin


Lecturer // Digital Art and Foundations

I am the Digital Foundations course designer and instructor. I was Integral in designing the course syllabus and teaching all Studio Art majors foundational programs for Macintosh and PC computing platforms.

I provide in depth instruction on Digital Media Research and Specific Artistic directions in Contemporary Art History and Digital Culture.

I work with UT's Printmaking Program, Bridging Disciplines Program, Game Development, and student mentoring with Digital Media and Processes. I have designed new courses in Animation, 2D Concept Art, and Artist's Professional Portfolio Practice.

Freelance Consultant


Designer // Digital Instructor // Consultant // Digital Workflow Designer

misunderstood technologies - primary CTO, CEO

I was a Digital Consultant/Instructor for numerous clients. Clients ranged from individuals to Non-profit organizations to large corporate entities.

Clients were instructed in the usage of digital imaging devices, content creation, manipulation, transmission and production.

I also provide full Graphic Design services from corporate functional stationary to full-fledged art production and direction.

Hart Graphics // Hart InterCivic


Director of Digital Production and Pre-Press

I was director in charge of all digital print production for Hart InterCivic. I managed 32 employees at 3 different corporate locations producing a vast array of products off of various Xerox Document Solution Devices,DTP imaging devices, film image setters and offset printed ballots.

I managed the technical production of official ballots for 5 states, in the USA, with a revenue of $5 Million+ per year. I also evaluated and purchased digital production hardware and software solutions for Hart.

I also acted as technical trainer and support staff for official Texas State Elections and corporate clients such as: Siemens, Raytheon, and Dell.

Power Computing


Technical Support Supervisor // Manager

Service Partners - Cornerstone Power Computing
Technical Support Supervisor and Manager for Service Partners/Cornerstone Integrated Services. I outsourced technical support for Power Computing, and processed 2500 calls daily.

Managing Team Leader of Technical Support for Fujitsu Laptop Division, Acer/TI Laptops, and AOpen PC hardware products.

Lightning Flag and Banner


Designer // Production Manager

Graphics and production manager for wholesale sign making shop specializing in digitally printed,
hand-sewn, silkscreened flags and banners.

Responsibilities included sales, production scheduling, and management of custom ordered jobs from beginning to end.

I worked directly with Graphtec and Encad wide-format digital printers/plotters and various CNC laser cutters.



Louisiana State University
Master(s) of Fine Arts - 1996

Specialization in various mediums such as: photolithography, digital relief printmaking, and digital video/imaging. Applied knowledge and research into 'Humor; the Tradegy of Contemporary Art History and Cultural Taboo.'

  • Experimental Printmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media
  • Contemporary Art History

Attended with Full Scholarship/Assistantship

West Virginia Univeristy
Bachelor of Fine Arts - 1992

Specialization in Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Contemporary Art History.

Strengths in lithograhpy, experimantal photolithography, graphic design, performance, and non-silver photography.

Attended with Full Scholarship



Please click the graphic below in order to be directed to my interactive gallery of current and past projects. ENJOY!


Current Print Work

Foci on ‘Glitch’ artifacts presented with traditional video and digital manipulation components and techniques.

Champion of Digital Printmaking and Digital Processing. NOW WITH HIS OWN CHOPMARK!

Collaborative work with Artists New Mexico, Seattle Philadelphia.

Digital Printmaking collaboration with Leonard Lehrer and musical performers Distant Lights.


Current Temporal Work

Didactic Digital Cultural Landscapers - virtual / web exploration and presentations.

Transitional Prints: Re-defining the print as temporal object.

Upcoming Events:

Solo Exhibition Brookhaven College - February 2015

<please keep posted 2014/15 is going to be exciting!>

Previous Events:

Third Place Printmaking: 2013 Georgetown Art Hop - August 2013

UT's Open Studios Exhibition - February 9th, 2013 Digital Printmaking and Processing Demo

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Visiting Artist - March 2013

Marais Press Visiting Artist - March 2013

Brookhaven College Visiting Artist - August 2013

Solo Exhibition 'Mighty Short' - Pitfall Press – October 2013


Current 'Other' Work

Telematic Art, interactive environments, and course development for The University of Texas' Gaming and 2D Concept Art Development Program.

Pioneering course design in 2D Animation and Artist's Professional Portfolio Practice for the University of Texas Digital Media Program.

Working on “Death and Astronauts” a collaboration between programmers, visual artists, musicians and DJs. Pre-Kickstarter stage.

Programming behaviors modules for MAX/MSP with GEN and Jitter for multimedia performances and MIDI control utilizing Ableton Live, iPad control software, and Roland GK-3B MIDI interfaces.

Kinect hacking with OpenFrameworks for use for multimedia installations and triggered gallery events.

Continued exploration with MIT Media Labs visual programming language, Processing.

Cymatic pattern exploration and translation into temporal art. Working with performing musical artists "Distant Lights"

Bass Guitarist and budding Guitar Luthier*. NAD Instruments. Custom 'one-off' art guitars built with custom components, wood, and artistic approach.Thusly named, "Neal's *Actual* Designs"

* ...'cause let's face it... you can't look at monitors all the time. And wood is pretty awesome.


You can find out more information about me and my work via popular social networking sites.

Email: me[at]nealdaugherty[dot]com
Download Full CV and Interactive iPDF

Austin, Texas, USA


Artist Statement

"I am rather like a travelling salesman. I deal in ideas. I do much more for people than just paint them pictures." - Martin Kippenberger

The world I live in is full of visual evidence of contemporary culture. I look to this visual evidence to understand my place within it. I find the saturation of media and cyber culture to be useful fuel and fodder for my work. Every digital nuance becomes visual poetry. Interlaced stills of digital video, artifacts of a JPEG picture, crass and unapologetic memes, all become elements of my digital palette. Humor helps me explore difficult or pointed subject matter. It helps me understand that my research can be more open to individual interpretation. I adhere to the thinking of “If you are going to offend anyone offend everybody equally.” Humor in my work helps me bridge cultural stereotypes and literal observations of humanity.

Regarding prints:

I realize my prints in digital processes. Photoshop has become an important tool in interpreting this digital media in which I am saturated. I can quickly prototype my print digitally and repurpose the imagery into traditional print mediums and mixed media installations. Experimental works with non-silver photographic processes and digital presentation techniques add to my methodology and provide different layers to the construction or deconstruction of my imagery and its translation into a print.


A long time ago, when I was first starting to work on digital imagery and culture, I stumbled upon a very enigmatic image. The image was designed using only ASCII characters and one of the first animated .gifs that I had discovered. It was an awakening experience for me and my work.

When I think of this image, I think of what it represents to my unique ideals. The figure seems to be almost Neanderthal in nature. Walking erect for the first time, this image blurs the lines between gender, race, or age. To me, this iconic image exemplifies our evolution into a new Digital Age. A Digital Age that will define all our endeavours to one degree or another. The trick will be how far humans are willing to evolve to meet this new age.